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Professional Poetry Services

I have always enjoyed writing personalised poems for special occasions - you give me the details and I will create a story, add a  rhyme, amuse, entertain and raise of smile of joy and recognition.

If you would like a poem for someone special, please enquire by email and I will see what I can do to make a significant occasion even more memorable and provide you with a quotation.  

When the elves rescued Christmas

I wrote a lot of inspirational poetry to uplift spirits during the pandemic and sent them out to shielding patients. When the elves rescued Christmas (December 2020) is a narrative poetic covid fairytale written especially for 2020 and charmingly illustrated by my good friend, Lynne Gwenda Robinson. No happy ending last Christmas, but my story focused on the happiness that can be gained from peace, simplicity and being with each other  - something I hope we continue to appreciate once we reach a new 'nomality'.  A one off, printed as a community project, sold out and now out of print. Reference copy at The British Library.


On the Shoulders of Lions

My first complete collection of poems beautifully published by The Choir Press (July, 2021).  Available on Amazon and selected local book shops or please email me directly for a signed copy (£8 plus postage and packing if applicable).

On the Shoulders of Lions is a debut collection of poetry and is an eclectic mix of life experience, everyday observations and the product of a vivid imagination. 

Tina’s insights into a woman’s journey can be frivolous and funny, featuring dangly earrings, swishy ponytails and lost shoes. More poignant and personal are her wry observations on growing older - prepare to be touched by her reflections on love, loss and death. Her nature poems enter into more traditional poetic territory, revealing a pleasure and indulgence in language.

The magic and mystique of The Spell of the Gypsy Queen and Scorpio Moon sit alongside earthy comedy poems featuring colourful characters and the stuff of ordinary life.   

Tina’s eye for mischief comes into play in her depictions of thwarted love and relationships. Notably, Lazy Lover and The Ballad of Kev and Sue poke fun at the opposite sex and indeed, sex itself, but always with good-hearted humour. 

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Radio Interview

BBC Radio Berkshire 27 March 2021

Here is a link to the interview I did for BBC Radio Berkshire 

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Personal framed poems make such lovely gifts and I often give them to family and friends.  

My poem Kintsugi was written with a very special person in mind, a friend, mentor and wise woman.  

She once described me as fragile. I protested at once - I wrongly perceived fragility as a weakness.  I wanted to be thought of as strong!  

"It is possible to be both fragile and strong," replied my wise friend.  "Think of the Japanese art of Kintsugi.  A broken vase may be repaired with gold and become stronger, more beautiful and more valuable despite the scars."

I have some very special friends! This poem is dedicated to Irina.   


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