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  • Tina MacNaughton

Kintsugi - scars, wounds, repair and reinvention come up a lot in my writing.


A vase, once so pretty

Sits pride of place

Fades into the corner

On my bureau with grace.

Sunlight hits golden

Veins much repaired,

Cracks carefully filled

Crafted from pain and despair.

A knock, a tumble, a fall

A chink and a scrawl

Pieces quietly gathered

From a cold, hard stone floor.

Fragments, splinters and threads

Reveal a temporary break

If there is strength in fragility

It cannot be faked.

Gilded wounds are not hidden

But are present to see

Once pretty, vase sits

Now a rare, cherished beauty.

By Tina Cathleen MacNaughton

Kintsugi - the Japanese art of repairing fragmented pottery pieces with gold.

I like the idea that fragility and strength may co-exist and that by embracing

flaws and imperfections, a stronger, more beautiful piece of art may be created.

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