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  • Tina MacNaughton

This is a poem I wrote about age and invisibility

Updated: Mar 7, 2021


she was a beauty

in her day

before she faded

into grey

eyes once clear blue

now watery wise

they’ve seen the truth

and looked through lies

peers at her world

through an invisible veil

no one steals a glance

or asks her to tell

her stories, adventures

that could fill a book

it’s all still there

if they would only look

for beauty persists

in those ancient eyes

and wisdom is beauty

faintly disguised

life is etched

in those delicate lines

crinkled lips hold secrets

of good and terrible times

she has sat through storms

and committed sins

knows what to lose

and how to win

we see an old lady

but we see her all wrong

her heart has a story

her breath is her song

Tina Cathleen MacNaughton

Jan 2021

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